Special Experiences

Nov 13 2023

Special Experiences

What do you look for when you are searching for your perfect resort?


Answers may vary, but we’ll be you are thinking of stunning views, luxury amenities, world-renowned cuisine and experiences that your guests will treasure for a lifetime.


And guess what?  You’re right!


We go deeper with this question here at CINERGI.  We ask ourselves why – why do these qualities matter in a destination property?


They matter because of how they make your guests feel.


An event goes by so quickly.  It’s hard to remember every detail afterwards, especially if you’re having fun!  But what your guests will never forget is how the event made them feel.  Did you provide an atmosphere that was inspiring?  Was it easy to relax?  Did the venue offer new experiences and opportunities they had never tried before?


Most important, did your guests feel special?


CINERGI strives to make every single guest at your next Incentive Trip, Executive or Board of Directors Meeting, or National Sales Meeting feel special and attended to.  That is our goal, and it is our promise to our clients.  It is why we put the utmost care into sourcing the best properties and experiences for you from around the globe.


Here is just one of the many properties we source that your guests will remember for a lifetime:



The Meritage Resort and Spa is an iconic Napa establishment, offering you and your team the creme de la creme of all the things this region is famous for.  Look out on rolling golden hills and sprawling vineyards from one of their spacious and luxurious guest rooms.  Experience true Napa Valley wine and cuisine right in the hotel, or take a day trip to visit Napa’s most acclaimed wineries just minutes from the hotel.  The hotel is an obvious choice for events, with indoor and outdoor spaces providing epic views and all the service you would expect from a world-class, award-winning resort.


Whether it’s Napa Valley, Paris, the Caribbean or the Riviera Maya, Italy, Japan or anywhere else, CINERGI ensures that your guests feel special because of your taste, attention and care.  Get in touch today, and let us help you create the experience of a lifetime for your team!

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