Grateful Gatherings

Dec 11 2023

Grateful Gatherings

When you really think about it, all of our corporate trips – from Incentive Trips to National Sales Meetings to Board of Directors Meetings – boil down to one thing.  They are all gatherings of people we care about.


We currently find ourselves in the month of December, a month that is all about gatherings.  We love giving and getting great gifts just as much as the next person, but the thing we love most is seeing the people we care about, celebrating wins, and looking forward to the future.


One of our favorite elements to focus on when planning any type of gathering is the food.  Food brings people together and gives us a shared experience with even the strangest of strangers.  The movement toward Farm to Table cuisine this year has been a lovely way to focus not only on what we are putting in our mouths, but how it got there.  The act of eating Farm to Table brings us together with the people at our own gathering and with the community surrounding us, too.  In this way, food becomes a way for us not only to relate to each other, but to translate established traditions and culture into our modern way of life.


Thankfully, some of the most stylish and luxurious venues around the world have adopted Farm to Table cuisine as a way to amplify the experiences they offer.  Here are some of our favorite properties we’ve visited this year that also offer incredible Farm to Table eats:



Carneros Resort and Spa, Napa Valley


Surrounded by rolling vineyards and beautiful countryside, Carneros Resort and Spa feels like a private retreat in the middle of Napa Valley.  The resort offers luxury homes and private cottages to give you and your team the true Napa experience.  Relax in their new wine tasting room, and enjoy two pools, a fitness center, and luxury amenities in each cottage.  The cuisine is one of the highlights of this resort, which includes three full-service restaurants serving farm to table dining at its finest.



The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas


This hotel brings a modern experience to your ideal luxury hotel stay.  While it sports the usual high-end amenities like a beautiful pool, fitness center and spa, you and your team can also take advantage of the coolest barbershop and goods supply” boutique in Texas.  Discover the best of Dallass downtown eateries right in the hotel, with names like the Rodeo Bar and The French Room.  With nearly 30,000 square feet of event space spread across 15 rooms, The Adolphus is the ultimate destination for your next Dallas meeting or event.



Hotel Yountville, Napa Valley


This is the quintessential Wine Country experience, where Michelin-starred chefs meet award-winning wineries. From cooking classes and balloon rides to hiking and shopping, this property will keep you and your team in the center of Napa Valleys most sought-after activities and entertainment.  This isnt a car-free zone, but it could be!  You can bike or walk through the entire area, giving you and your team time and space to soak up all that is good about Napa Valley.  With multiple wine tasting rooms on-site, your team can enjoy some of the best Napa wines without even stepping foot off the property.


Your gathering at your next Incentive Trip or National Sales Meeting needs the same elements as any gathering you’ll have this month – gratitude, celebration, and delicious food!  CINERGI places clients at venues all over the world that offer unforgettable experiences for any and every type of gathering.  Get in touch today, and let us help you create the experience of a lifetime for your team!


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