Incentive Trip Season

Jul 01 2023

Incentive Trip Season

Its the season for booking incentive trips!  If you are looking to book an Incentive Trip for your team for the first quarter of 2024, now is the time to start planning.


We love Incentive Trips here at CINERGI.  This is one of our favorite types of corporate experiences to create, because it is all about the creating rewarding a job well-done.


Incentive Trips exist to motivate employees, recognize employee performance, and include the partners or spouses of employees in their special someone’s success.  This means that the trip must be a really wonderful one in order to be worth the hard work of achieving those corporate goals!


Each team and each experience is different, but there are still certain quality benchmarks that properties need to meet in order for CINERGI to consider them for an Incentive Trip.  Some of these benchmarks include:


Incredible locations – Some locations are nice, some are beautiful, and others are out-of-this-world amazing.  We look for the most special locations around the world for your team to enjoy.  


Incredible Property Chains – Part of the fun of offering an Incentive Trip for your team is giving them access to high-end experiences that they might not be able to book for themselves.  Chains like Rosewood, Secrets, Four Season & The One&Only are guaranteed to give you and your team truly rewarding service, amenities, and overall experiences.  Only certain luxury property chains qualify for this honor in our book.


Airport Access – Most incentive trips last a maximum of 3 nights.  Who wants to spend time driving or flying when you could be at the spa?  We source locations and properties that make sense for your team – and your time.


Activities – You want your Incentive Trip to be luxurious, but you also want it to be FUN!  Whether activities are property-offered or location-offered, we look for activities that expand your employees’ horizons.  We also look for opportunities that your team might never have tried left to their own devices.  Offering the right activities is one of the biggest factors in creating a truly memorable experience.


Special Feel – This is where the uniqueness of your team comes in.  If your team is comprised of mid-career team members, they will enjoy different properties, locations and experiences than a team comprised of mostly young people just starting out in their careers.  Your Incentive Trip needs to reflect the personality of your team, and we’re here for it!  Take a look at some of the varying properties and varying experiences we can source here at CINERGI such as the One&Only Palmilla, SLS South Beach, and Stanley Ranch, just to name a few!


Whatever team experience you’re looking to provide, CINERGI can help.  Contact us today to get started!

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